Hillsboro Open Door 

Co​mmunity Church

"A Place For ALL of God's Children!"

A Sample Of Our Videos

Bro. Dan Fisher's Powerful LGBTQ Testimony

I Held On- Bro. Rob, Sis. Kim, Pastor Mark

I've Got So Much To Thank Him For- Bro. Rob, Pastor Mark, Bro. Tyler

Because Of Who You Are- Grace New Covenant Church

Bro. Dan Fisher- WHOSOEVER

That I Could Still Go Free- Bro. Rob, Sis. Kim, Pastor Mark, Bro. Tyler

More Than Anything- Pastor Mark, Bro. Rob

Are You Washed In The Blood- Bro. Kevin, Pastor Mark

God Is God- Bro. Rob and Pastor Mark

Two Coats- Bro. Rob, Bro. Brandon, Sis. Kim

Medals For Mothers- Bro. Rob

He Knows My Name- Bro. Rob, Sis. Kim

That Same Spirit- Bro. Donnie Christopher

The Potters Hand- Bro. Dan, Bro. Tyler